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Web Hosting in the Cloud!

Easy enough for beginners yet enough power for developers and businesses

All of our hosting plans are on the same infrastructure but with different limits. They all include the features above. You can upgrade and downgrade at any time with absolutely no disruption to service. Click the price to order now and we'll have you set up instantly.

Cloud Value

Amazing value hosting

Up to 2 Websites
3GB Disk Space
50GB Data Transfer
Unlimited e-mails

£2.95 per month

Cloud Core

Our most Popular

Up to 4 Websites
5GB Disk Space
100GB Data Transfer
Unlimited e-mails

£4.95 per month

Cloud Pro

Perfect for Business

Up to 6 Websites
100GB Disk Space
1TB Data Transfer
Unlimited e-mails

£6.95 per month

Cloud Unlimited

For Mission-Critical Sites

Up to 20 Websites
Unlimited Disk Space
Unlimited Data Transfer
Unlimited e-mails

£9.95 per month

If you have custom requirements or aren't sure what is best for you please call us on 020 31375607 or send us an email. We are happy to help.

All our packages include...

Load Balanced Hosting

Our hosting systems are truly cloud based and scaled over hundreds of servers; we handle billions of hits per month and can cope with seriously huge spikes in traffic. All based in our own datacentre in Slough, UK.

Linux and Windows Support

Choose between Linux or Windows for each website you run. Advanced users, you can also run a "hybrid mode" which lets you run both at once.

Free Domain Name

All packages come with a free domain registration or transfer you can use for your website. If you transfer a domain to us, this automatically renews for an additional year.

Daily Backups

We take daily backups of your website and store them for 30 days so that if you make a mistake you can roll back. Self restores are done in the control panel.

Aliases and Subdomains

Add unlimited domain aliases and subdomains to your website; a multisite with 100 domains might only count as one website!

Unlimited Email Accounts

There is no limit to the number of email accounts you can create. Access them using webmail, a mail client like Outlook, or on your mobile phone. Spam Filtering is included.

Proactive 24/7 Support

We are here to help you if you get stuck and watching your sites all the time. Just pick up the phone or open a ticket and we will help you out. Call us on 020 31375607.

Free Website Migrations

Our migrations team are dedicated to successfully moving 99.9% of websites from other hosts to our platform and our process allows you to test the site before approving the transfer. And all this for free!

Database Features

Run unlimited MySQL databases with a 1GB size limit, and one free MSSQL database is included with all plans.

And much more...

Enable SSH, change PHP version, set up previews etc, in one click; use a custom php.ini to change your environment; add thousands of websites to the control panel; auto install software such as Wordpress -- the list goes on! Scroll down to see some screenshots, give us a call to discuss options, or why not give us a go! Our money back guarantee means you can always cancel and get a full refund.


To show you how user-friendly our system is, we have put a couple of screenshots below that go through the most common features on our hosting platform. The best thing we can recommend is that you sign up and give it a go - all hosting packages come with a 60 day money-back guarantee so we will give you a full refund if you change your mind.

Site Dashboard

Our hosting system was designed after many years using third party control systems. Ease of use was fundamental to our design, and all website options are displayed on one page.

Manage Account

Create multiple users with different privileges. This is useful if you want to give access to a web designer not let them change your details.

Linux or Windows

When you add a site you can choose which hosting type you would like. Most people choose Linux to run sites such as Wordpress, but you can also choose Windows (2003 or 2012) as well as hybrid modes.

Advanced Email Control

You can create email accounts, forwarders, and aliases on this screen. Every email accounts lets you define custom spam filtering settings, and our "Client Configuration" tab gives you information on how to access the emails via mail client or webmail.

Cron Jobs

There are two modes for cron jobs: simple or advanced. In simple mode a user interface is used to create and edit cron jobs: either a http request or as a unix script, and then edit the frequency. Alternatively, you can use advanced mode, which gives you a text file interface just like on the command line.

Windows Control

Because this is designed as a production environment, you can on demand recycle the application pool, and switch between shared and dedicated application pools. Just like in Linux all Windows hosting options are in the control panel for ease of use.

MySQL Databases

All common database controls are built in. You can create unlimited databases, add and edit users and permissions and access PHPMyAdmin. Remote access is easy to configure, plus you can also retrieve and restore backups via the interface.

Domain Aliases

Add unlimited domain aliases on our system, for all the other domains you want to point to the same content. This might be because of the various versions of the same domain (For example a and a .com), or it may be because you are running a multisite application.

Preview URLs

Lots of our customers build websites before pointing the actual domain to us. Either the domain has not yet been registered, or alternatively, the domain is elsewhere and a new site gets built with us before the domain is pointed over (by changing the nameservers). An quick enable button switches on a preview URL for your site. In addition, a "Wordpress Preview" mode changes settings on a Wordpress site so that you can use this fully in preview mode also.

Shell Access

Enable SSH access with one click and gain full user level access to your files for advanced users. You can also use these details for SFTP.

Change PHP Version

Change your PHP version in a drop down. We keep up to date with the latest stable versions. On Windows sites, you can also change the ASP.NET version.

Custom DNS Control

Full management of your own DNS settings for every domain and alias. Set up MX records and A records all in one place. We even separate out non-www and www zones for ease of use.

Request a Migration

Asking our migrations team to move your website for you couldn't be simpler. Just give us the login details to your old host by clicking the 'Free Site Migrations' icon in the control panel, and we'll get the site moved and correspond with you through the system.


Subdomains are the bit you put before a domain name -- for example or You can create as many of these as you like, and run them either as subfolders of your existing website, or as separate websites themselves.

FTP Accounts

For security, we do not create you an FTP account by default. However, you can set up unlimited FTP accounts and map them to different subfolders of your website.

Online File Manager

The online filemanager gives you a graphical interface to manage your files and make changes. You can also browse our backups which go back 30 days and restore them to your website as well as perform basic file operations such as zip.

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